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“The Swiss Italian speaking Orchestra and Helsinn share a high level international profile and this has inspired us to support their international tours and their events abroad for the coming years and their global activities”
Gabriele Braglia, Chairman and Founder of the Helsinn Group.

The Helsinn Group, founded in 1976 by Gabriele Braglia and today led by his son Riccardo, is a privately owned pharmaceutical group focused on developing new pharmaceuticals and innovative services to help the quality of life of all people affected by cancer.

With a worldwide presence built over 40 years of experience, Helsinn has become a dynamic, multinational company headquartered in Switzerland and with a specialty pharma company in the United States and operating subsidiaries in Ireland and a representative office in China. Today Helsinn counts around 600 employees, with around 360 working in Ticino, and its products are commercialized in over 90 countries.

At the end of the 90s, Helsinn focused its R&D investments in a medical area still relatively little explored: cancer supportive care.

“Helsinn is a pharmaceutical Group committed to sourcing innovative products which help to improve the quality of life of people affected by cancer. In 40 years, the Helsinn Group has expanded from a small office to a modern and dynamic multinational company thanks to its proven development capacity. The company remains constantly tied to the values that the family has always taught: we work not only for the patients’ health, but above all for the quality of life of the people”, recallsGabriele Braglia, Chairman and Founder of the Helsinn Group.

Since its set-up, the Helsinn business model is focused on “integrated licensing”, the acquisition of the commercial rights, development, registration and commercialization of pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical active ingredients and of medical devices and nutritional supplement products in the therapeutic area of cancer care at an international level.

The wide range of Helsinn products are out-licensed (“licensing out”) and distributed across a global network of commercial and marketing partners selected for their local market knowledge and know-how. Helsinn supports these partners with a full range of product and scientific management services, including commercial, regulatory, financial, legal and medical marketing advice.

The manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and Ireland allow the Group to supply the international partners and third parties, active ingredients and finished drug products according to the highest quality, safety and environmental standards. In Biasca, Helsinn develops and produces active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPI). An area of the facility is completely dedicated to the development, analysis and production of cytotoxic compounds for the Group and for third parties.